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Painting Borders


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May Day Edition


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This month's article is for artists that want to paint Renaissance style borders that really WOW people. It is an easy technique that can be executed quickly for really outstanding results.

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Painting Flemish Twig Borders

The Breviary of Isabella I of Castille is one of the most lavish illuminated manuscripts of all time. The Spanish ambassador Francisco de Rojas, presented it to Queen Isabella, who was at that time the wealthiest woman in the world. Six of the best illuminators of the 15th century worked on it and it was intended to celebrate the marriages of her son and daughter to Austrian royalty and to commemorate the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus. (For more on Isabella, see A Princess with a Mind of Her Own.)

This little book (only 9" tall and 6.3" wide) has over 1000 pages the way we count them, or 500 leaves front and back. Every one of them is decorated with multiple borders and illuminated capitals. About every four pages there is a large miniatures or a full page illustration. Though very little gold or silver is used on these pages, the colors are intense and pop right off the page. The breviary was obviously designed with the queen in mind. Much of the imagery is feminine with lovers, children and cute animals in the borders.

Here is a step-by-step lesson in how to paint borders in one of the styles used in this fabulous illuminated book. This is a trompe l'oeil (fool the eye) or illusionistic border that looks like twisted twigs and leaves laying on the page. When worked small, it is quite impressive. Continued on Renstore.com...


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