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The Rensaissance Store Newsletter
September Edition


Victory Sale

$10 off your order when you buy $100 in merchandise. 

sale ends 09/15/2014



NEW for you

Lots of new items have been added to the store. We have twisted iron brooches for kilts and cloaks, New tunics and shirts, leather-bound journal, Sgain Dubh and Dirks with Damascus blades and rosewood handles, and new helmets. Most of these items are for a limited time. See them all in the New section of our website.


Some fo our Newest Items
Leather Bound Journal
esw242571-ws.jpgMany different Celtic styles and designs. See them all!
Regular Price: $29.95
Sale price: $24.45
You save $4.50
Large Damascus steel Sguain Dubh with Rosewood Handle
(Pronounced SKAIN DOO) This blade is made of hard and soft iron, folded dozens of times during the forging process and treated with an acid wash to bring out the beauty of the grain. More...
Regular Price: $59.95
Sale Price: $53.95
You save $4.50
Iron Cloak Pin
This is a hand-forged brooch made of twisted carbon steel treated to look like wrought-iron in the Celtic style. Brooches of this style were worn in Celtic and Germanic countries since pre-Roman times. It is worn with a a loosely woven blanket-style cloak where it is easy to pierce the fabric with a thick pin like this.
Regular Price: $12.95.

We are deep in the heart of summer now, and very busy with travel and camping. We have added a bunch of new items with really good prices. There are more items than I can show here so be sure to look up the New section.  There are so many great events happening; Renaissance Fairs, SCA events, conventions, wine tours, Shakespeare in the Park, Pirate Festivals, and Fairy Festivals and more coming this fall. I hope you are having lots of fun.

Video Article

This months article is a video I made on painting cherubs, I hope that you like it.

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How to Paint Putti, a video lesson

Cherubs and putti are the child-like angels cavorting
in many paintings and illuminated books of the Renaissance.
Here is a video on how to paint them using a
"grisaille" underpainting.

See last month's article on Staying Cool...on Renstore.com



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