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Fall Edition

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NEW for you

Lots of new items have been added to the store. We have twisted iron brooches for kilts and cloaks, new tunics and shirts, Wench Tops, leather-bound journal, Sgain Dubh and Dirks with Damascus blades and rosewood handles, and codpiece pants. Most of these items are for a limited time. See them all in the New section of our website.

Featured Items
Wench Top
wench top
Sleeveless chemise for hot days or when you want a chemise that hides a bra. comes in Natural or Black which looks great worn over a sleeved-chemise. 100% comfortable cotton.
Introductory price: $29.45
Scottish Thistle Sporran Pouch
Scottish Thistle Medieval Sporran Pouch
This Scottish -style pouch has expandable sides so it holds quite a bit. The flap is decorated with a pewter thistle and celtic knotwork and the front of the pouch has an embossed knotwork design. Large enough to hold wallet, keys, phone, and sunglasses. 7" wide by 8.5" tall.
Price: $24.95
Velvet Venetian Hat
Velvet Venetian Cap
A simple cap with fold down flaps to cover the ears and back of head, usually worn folded up.
In the same way that ball caps are common in this day and age, this style of cap was the headwear of choice for men during the height of Venetian power in the late Middle Ages. Fully lined.Available in Deep Forest Green, Deep Sapphire Blue, Black and Burgundy velvet.
Price: $24.95.


Fall festival season is about to begin and many Renaissance Fairs are in full swing. Crown tournaments, and other SCA are events are happening this month to get ready for. I hope you are having lots of fun. We have been busy camping and traveling this summer, too. It has been fun meeting so many of our friends in different states. Go to Renstore.com to see all our selections.

Fire Safety Article

This months article is a reprint of a fire safety article from 2010 that bears repeating with the high fire danger this year in most of the West.

Campsite and Fire Safety for Historical Reenactment

shepards around a fire

A warm and friendly campfire
is also a source of danger.
Anunciation to the Shepherds
by Jean Bourdichon 1503-08

Have a plan to play safe

By Gael Stirler, owner of Renstore.com

I have been camping at Renaissance Faires and SCA events for over 20 years. On two separate occasions I have seen tents burn down, had several close calls, and heard of many others. I've picked up a lot of good advice on how to stay safe around campfires and figured some things out for myself. In this article I'm not going to cover how to build a fire or how to bury and drown a campfire because you can find plenty of websites that will give that information. I want to share some of the safety tips you won't find in the usual places.

I have learned through experience that re-enactment has its own set of dangers that other campers just don't worry about. For instance, long dresses and cloaks can catch fire if you are standing too close to an open fire pit. Once I was sorting laundry after a camping event and found that my Irish Dress was partially burned from hem to knee in the center of the back. Not just scorched, burned! I had know idea that at some time during the event my dress caught on fire then just went out by itself. Perhaps I sat on a damp log or threw a cloak around me that smothered the flames. Whatever put it out, I am grateful. When I saw the burned dress, I was really shaken. I knew I must have been alone or someone would have told me. It was just dumb luck I wasn't harmed.

I've had many other experiences over the last 20 years of camping that have taught me to be more fire conscious. I've set the hem of an apron on fire while cooking over a shallow fire pit. I've got holes in my camp chairs and dresses from embers popping out of the campfire. I've melted a patch of rug with a tent heater and I even treated a drunk who tried to move a firepit with his bare hands. What I have learned is that most accidents could have been prevented with a little preparation and thoughtful behavior...

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