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Renstore.comfaces and product images                      01/12/2016


January Edition


Hurry! This sale Ends Jan. 31! 

Annual King Day Sale!

Wow! Almost all of our clothing is
25 to 30% off!

king-sm.jpgEvery January we have to sell down last year's stock to make room for new stock. This means BIG savings for you in the KING DAY SALE. We have put nearly everything on sale with deep discounts on selected items!

This Sale is in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. a Southern black minister who fought for Civil Rights for all men and women of all races and brought about sweeping social changes. He was named after a famous 15th-century reformer, Martin Luther who founded the first Protestant sect, the Lutherans.

Sale ends January 31, 2016


Summer is in full swing with all the fairs, festivals, markets, and conventions of the season. Are you ready with new undergarments? All of our chemises are made of either 100% cotton or cotton blend to keep you comfortable on hot days or cool nights. They are all made for years of wear. Good quality undergarments will help your outerwear last longer, too. All of our clothing with a CHI code prefix is either in stock or can be in 4 to 10 days. 

This month's article are about the January traditions of Hogmanay and 12th Night. If you are interested in learning more about Winter Fire Festivals, check out this article, too.

Featured Article




The torchlight procession has ended. The music, singing, and dancing has quieted. The bells chime midnight, and someone tall and dark is the first to set foot across the threshold, bringing a dram of whisky for prosperity's sake. Hogmanay is over—it's on its way to Ne'erday now. Where are you? You're in Scotland, of course, where New Year's Day—or Ne'erday—has a history that stretches back to the Reformation and Renaissance, and into the distant past.

Some form of winter celebration is present in most European cultures, and Hogmanay's longstanding tradition shows its ties to other European winter solstice festivals, the roots of which go back into the distant past, heralding a return of the light after the Longest Night. In most Christian European cultures, the pagan solstice festivals were....Read more



12th Night History


Bearing gifts we traverse a-far
Field and fountain 
Moor and mountain
Following yonder star!

Twelfth Night or Twelve Nights, as it is called in some places, celebrates the arrival of the Three Kings to the birthplace of Christ. It is observed on January 5th, the night before Epihany, and marks the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas, although Eastern Orthodox churches celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings on a different day.
The Three Kings, also known as the Wise Men or the Magi, were  ...Read more

Renstore celebrates its 25th birthday in October, 2016!


We have been active in the Renaissance business for more than 20 years. We began as Chivalry Sports Videos in October of 1991. All we had to sell then was just one video about the SCA called "Once Upon a Weekend" on VHS. No one had even heard of the Internet then, so we published a small catalog. That led to selling videos for Belly Dance instruction and audio tapes of filk music and a few other things. In a short time we added a few articles of clothing, belly dance jewelry, and books. Four years later we created the first online catalog for Medieval and Renaissance Clothing on AOL. In fact we were one of the first clothing stores of any kind on the internet. When we moved from AOL to our own domain, we changed the name of the online store from Chivalry Sports to Renstore.com because it was easier to spell. In 2009, we redisigned our webstore and moved to more secure cloud computing. Now we are stronger and faster than ever.

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