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Renstore.comfaces and product images                      7/23/2015


Late July Edition


Free Regular Shipping on orders over $100!


Regular shipping means either USPS 2-3 day Priority mail or UPS ground depending on what works best for your address, the size of the package, and weight. We will pick the the method of shipping after the package is packed and ready to go. Usually it is Priority mail. 

Don't miss the clearance items, too. All bedspreads, wall hangings, tapestry book bags, and curtains, still 25% off while supplies last! Go to The Clearance Category now.

Sale ends August 7, 2015

This sale has expired


Summer is in full swing with all the fairs, festivals, markets, and conventions of the season. Are you ready with new undergarments? All of our chemises are made of either 100% cotton or cotton blend to keep you comfortable on hot days or cool nights. They are all made for years of wear. Good quality undergarments will help your outerwear last longer, too. All of our clothing with a CHI code prefix is either in stock or can be in 4 to 10 days. 

The last article was about pilgrims who traveled to Santiago de Campostela. This issue's article is about the women who created lay communities, similar to convents, but without the vows. Some were the size of small cities and had mayors, town councils, and all the businesses a normal town would have, except all the jobs were filled by women!

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