Aesir Metalwyrks Norse Helm

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A Norse Conical helm from Aesir Metalwyrks, this is an antiqued Mild steel helm with mild steel rivets and bar grill. All brass additions are mounted with brass rivets.

This sporty helmet is designed for those wanting to have the Norse / Viking look but want a competitive, affordable helmet. Norse-style helmets with an upward-pointing conical top present a more difficult target since sword blows glance off the angled surface. When properly strapped and padded to your kingdom specifications these helmets are SCA legal. Consult your local marshal.

Size M/L Sold Unstrapped and unpadded. The medium/large will fit a crown measurement of up to 25 inches.

Each piece is custom-built and handmade so please allow for variations from the photo examples.

Usually in stock. If not, please allow 4 to 6 weeks. This item is not eligible for Regular Shipping due to size or wieght.