New Website Design 2014

Posted by Laura of Locksley on Jan 26th 2014

New Look for
A new year and we are starting it our with a whole new look for Come see our new site. It is filled with new pictures, new features, and lots of great sale prices.

New Features

Now you can zoom in on the details of the products and see the clothing in different colors. When you click on the picture, a larger version opens in a pop-out window. The current fabric swatches are right on the page making it easy to choose the right one. When you choose a color from the drop-down menu, the size drop-down menu will show what is in-stock.

Some of our products won't have stock levels showing. These items are usually kept in stock and can be shipped right away. If your choice is out, it only takes 3 to 10 days to make since it is done in our factory. If you are in need of Chivalry Sports brand clothing faster than that, call us, and we can advise you on which items are in-stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Social and Interactive media

Every product page has social media icons near the product photo. Use these to pin what you like to Pinterest boards, your Facebook status, or other social media. As customers you can leave comments and reviews on the product pages, too. Your feedback is very much appreciated. 

Improvements to the Check Out Experience

The check-out pages are simpler and easier to use, especially if you are using Paypal. You can checkout as a guest now. Our shipping calculators are connected directly to the US postal service and UPS for more accurate quotes, too. Gift Certificates are instantly delivered by email now, to you or your recipient, and you can buy them in any amount from $1.00 to $500.00.

You can use to pay with Visa, Mastercard, or Discover. Debit or Credit. Paypal can process these cards and American Express, Diners Club, and more. You can also send your payment in by check or money order.


Now instead of saving a cart, you can add items to your wishlist. Create a wishlist and give it a name, then you can put items you would like to monitor or recommend on the list with a click of a button. Each time you return, you can quickly look up your favorites to check stock levels or make changes. You can send the link to others as well.

Your Account

Due to this update your account passwords had to be erased for security purposes. However you can request a new password or create a new account (preferable) at login. You can call us for a password reset, too. We have your history on file if you need it but you will no longer be able to look back at orders or saved carts dated before 2014. 

The Articles and Fair Lists

We had a huge number of articles that are not transferred yet, but they are coming and should be up in the next few weeks. The fair list will be updated and transferred soon as well. It may take longer because we are trying to make it more interactive.

The Sale

The King Day Sale is in a category of it's own right at the top of the list so it is easy to find. This makes the King Day sale much easier to navigate than the way we used to do it. Do you recall those big spreadsheets that we updated daily with the sold out information? Now there are no spreadsheets and the listings update automatically! So much better. So, please pop in and see what's new, bookmark the site, or email it to a friend. If you can, give us some feedback on the new site. We would love to hear from you.