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Monday, April 29, 2013 Subject: Beautiful Renaissance Shirts 
Dear Gael, 

I received my three Ren Shirts order number 6675 and they are great, strong and beautiful. 
In 1992 I ordered several Renaissance Shirts from your very noble company. We are in the theater and do place a great deal of stress and laundry needs on our costume inventory. Your shirts are rugged, period and very Beautiful! 
Your quality of products has been maintained over these twenty years. You must take great pride in your company and your employees. 

Ever With Great Respect & Admiration, 
Doug Austin 
Olde English Theatre 


Monday, April 8, 2013 Subject: Thank You
I would like to tell you how pleased I am with the costumes we purchased. All pieces are good quality, correct size and look quite good. Thank you for such excellent service! 
Scott Wright,
DSW Opera


Tuesday, March 12, 2013 Subject: Thank You
I was very pleased when I received my recent order. It arrived very quickly; the clothing was just as described online and fit perfectly. Everything is well made from very good quality materials. This was my first purchase from Renstore and I will definitely be making more. Thank you. 


Wednesday, March 7, 2012 Subject: RE: Traveler's Robe SKU CHI 5027
I received the Traveler's Robe robe and the velvet Elizabethan Cap yesterday and was well pleased with both, but especially impressed with the robe which is very well made and an excellent replacement for one I had made when I was young, foolish and above all thin. I am well on my way to realizing my Game of Thrones "Maester" costume. Thank you,


Wednesday, November 16, 2011 Subject: Re: Your Order Has Been Shipped!
You guys are absolutely fantastic and professional. I will be keeping you book marked and in mind for future renfest needs. 
Thank you again!


8/1/2011 Everything okay on Henry V Cotehardie
Dear Gael,
You are a magnificent human being.
You really helped out a stressed-out, one-month-behind, costumer for Hawaii Shakespeare Festival. Aloha from Henry IV part 2! I'm hopeful our future Henry V will be wearing this. 
Thank you,


Thursday, June 9, 2011 Subject: Re: Your Order Has Been Shipped!
Just received my package... thank you! Everything is perfect, and the bonus pouch is EXACTLY the right color scheme to complement my whole costume. Any of the tapestries would have been lovely, but this was PERFECT for my brown leather bodice. 
I look forward to adding these accessories to my costume and also look forward to trading with you again soon. 
Many thanks, 
Karyn W.
Lawrenceville GA


February 25, 2011 Dear Jake,
I received my Irish Dress today and I'm very happy with the quality :) I'll be recommending your website to my friends. Have a great weekend, Grace 
G. G. 
Riverview, FL


January 28, 2011 Hello,
Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you the lords shirt I exchanged fits great! Thanks so much love working with you all. Always have a great experience when dealing with your company. Can't wait to get more peices and expand my wardrobe for up coming faires with my daughter!! Thanks so much! 
Thank you again. 
Jack J. 
Lake Mary, FL


Your service is GREAT! I placed my online order on August 3. Well, all items arrived today and are just what I wanted! I also appreciate the minimal packing materials. The local UPS store is delighted to receive the paper and pillows and popcorn foam and bubblewrap, and I can recycle the old newspapers that some companies use. But I much prefer the simple packaging. My husband has received small (2" square or so) items in a ten-by-ten-by-five box full of bubblerap. He sent the businesses e-mail notes about packaging overkill. 
I am putting together another order, to go to you in about two weeks. My closet is undergoing a make-over session, and I'm making lots of room for the new things. 
Thank you again. 
Janet P. 
Spring Valley, CA


5/7/2010 Thank you from Ontario, CAN,
Thank-You!!! They [Celtic Knot Tiaras] are beautiful... and they came so quick! 
The parcel guy scared me this morning, lol. I wasn't expecting them that fast. 
A TRUE pleasure doing business. :O) 
Sarah, 'the happy bride-to-be'


6/5/2010 Thank you! 
I thought I'd just let you know that the box got here earlier this week, All the costumes fit perfectly and we're very happy with the order. It is the first time i have bought anything online and was a little worried. I love the outfit so much and am now looking at other items to order for the next big fair and other parties!  
Thanks again, 
Lily L.


5/7/2010 Greetings,
As you stated it would, my order arrived by UPS today. My initial reaction is 101% positive. I wish mudane clothes were so well constructed for the quality, detail and price. And made in the USA! Out of the box my dress and chemise fit perfectly. While I tried on your garments my cat was pleased with the box - I didn't tell him he was enjoying the by product of shipping charges!'
Seriously, to date your customer service is A+. 
Thank you, 



Dear Jake,
Thank you! you are the only vendor to give me a response to my question! Therefore, when the time comes to buy (the Ren Faire that I attend is in the fall), I will buy from You!



Dear Gael,
Thank you SO much for getting my order out rapidly. Everything arrived today and I'm very impressed with both the quality of all fabrics and with the construction and sewing. I'm sure all the items will last me many Faires to come.

Thank you again! 


Dear Gael,
I'm so glad to see your web site up and running again. My congrats & kudos to all the brain-storming & elbow grease you all have applied. I'm certain you've been purchasing elbow grease by the 55 gallon drums by the truck-load. Accessing different parts of the website is actually easier to use now. I don't have to back & forth things as much on the menu, now Yay! This is a biiig help as I still use dial-up connections.

Meanwhile I look forward to seeing bugs getting worked out. I've not yet figured out how to see various colors on garb/color chart. That just may be my ancient dial-up connection, though.

Yarns & Tales About How I've Re-purposed More of Your Garb:

Sure I use your ren-wear for renfests, but I'm always looking for more ways to enjoy it year round. Mostly because it's comfortable, colorful and paid for. Why go buy a long tunic when I have it in my closet already?

I've discovered more mundane uses for ren-garb... (aside from the layered big scoop-necked chemises as my "everything" kickback after work clothing).

I snagged 2 of the nice linen tunics (men's) from y'all on sale. The guys in the family never had a chance at them. .... They are awesome over a longish skirts or pants w. belt and a little "blouson" to hide my chunky middle. I've had more than several compliments with the black tunic over hot pink slacks and the cream tunic over wide-skirted jeans skirt w. waist cinched with green gauze turban.

Yah-ha! Desperate woman uses creative magics. A simple mind shift turns your turbans to crinkly-crunch tie-belt... works extra great for Large & Tall Woman. The petite & bird-boned would need to take an extra turn or so to use my re-purposed turban.

I could yammer on, but my get-up-&-face-the day alarm is about to go off. Time to bring myself into focus in Mundania.


Kudos from our Chivalry Sports™ Customers

In 2009 we changed our name from Chivalry Sports to


Dear Chivalry Sports,
I just bought the Viking Gown this week. I think I ordered it Monday and got it on Wednesday. Fantastic shipping! The gown is wonderful! The linen has such body and the fit is great. I just wish I could wear it daily! I did get the apron dress to go with it and it makes a great viking ensemble. Now I just need the clasps and hat to complete it.

Andrews, TX


Dear Customerservice,
As last time, quick shipping, got here in no time. Thanks for making a Rennies's life a little easier!

Jane and Wayne 
Pittsburgh, PA.


Dear Chivalry Sports,
I would like to thank you for your excellent service and workmanship! I have been attending Renaissance Festivals for a few years, but...I don't make a lot of income, I have been able to afford only a couple of true garb items to work with. However, in one week, I am attending my first Pennsic War and wanted to have a few more garb items before arriving. After searching long and hard for the right look at the right price, I found The Renaissance Store.

On the website I was able to find several of my favorite items at discounted prices in the size and in the colors I wanted. On the phone, the staffperson I spoke with was friendly and efficient, and in the mail, I received my order in perfect condidtion and very quickly. All the items were also very well made, are comfortable, and look lovely.

Simply put, I couldn't be happier with my purchases from C.S.! 
Thank you so much!
Manassas, VA.


Dear Peter,
Thank you So much for your kind assistance today! Not only did you help us get the information for our return and exchange but also, you were just so very knowledgeable about the products and services offered at the The Renaissance Store that we could hardly wait to place another order with your company. It is very nice to encounter someone so kind and helpful as yourself.


Robbie Martin, assistant to Damon the Gyspsy 
Capistrano, CA.


Dear Renstore,
I want to say thank you for all the help you have given me. I really appreciate the kindness and helpfulness of the people working behind the Renstore name. I can most positivelly say it is the best costumer service I have ever recieved, better than even a real store with real people in my face.

Thank you, 
Your happy customer
Lodi, CA


Dear Customerservice,
It's always great to deal with the Renstore! This morning, I've ordered what 
will be my third Aowyn surcoat. I love these garments for their durability 
and flexibility. On a hot Faire day, all I need is my surcoat plus a peasant 
blouse. On a cool day, a full chemise plus the surcoat. On a chilly day (the 
Pennsylvania Faire runs through late October) I have been known to wear a 
full chemise and pants under my surcoat. It's also great because of its 
simplicity. No laces, no boning, no tricky hook-and-eye closures. Just slip 
it over your head, and you're set for life in a different century.

I realize that the size and color I requested are out of stock, but having 
dealt with the Renstore for so long, I trust you to get it to me as soon as 
you can. As always, thanks for your great products and even greater service.



Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks for your great service I just recived my 3rd order from your company and I couldn't be happier. The Sutton Hoo belt buckle is even better than it looks on the web site. I have ordered the dragon and gargoil pc toppers and the quality is excellent in all products. I will most deffently be ordering more from your company. 
Boonville, MO


I received the boots (item MTK-1929) I ordered and they are better looking than the picture was and fit perfictly. They will look great for our wedding on April 8th. My wife to be has bought a few things from you and is very satisfied also. Thanks again sincerely,
Sarasota, FL


I really have to compliment you on the quality of the rapiers I recent bought from you. i.e., the wire wrapped swept hilt rapier. They are very impressive costume weapons and perfect for our purposes as a Shakespeare company, whose needs are more cosmetic than for actual combat. We do purchase combat ready weapons but we appreciate the show these products give us for the money. Thanks and good luck. 
David Nava 
Founder and Artistic Director 
The American Shakespeare Project

Aug 23, 2005 Dear Sara,

Thanks a lot for keeping track of my order and my email, it is rare that you find a company that cares that much about its costomer, and I appreciate it. 
Again, thank you. 
Lancaster, CA

Aug 22, 2005 Dear Customer Service,

Just a brief note to say I LOVE the new web page. Thanks for adding information about faires around the country. Your website is marked as one of my favorites. 

Aug 19, 2005 Dear Customer Service,

Thank you so much for your lighting-fast service. Earlier this week, I ordered a dress and chemise for my sister in Minniapolis (for her handfasting ceremony next month) and she called me yesterday to let me know it arrived and is even more gorgeous than it looked online. 
As it is so easy to let outstanding service go by silently appreciated, I thought it was imortant to let you know you are fabulous. I will most assuredly be a repeat customer.

Thank you! 
Kate G. 
Carthage, NY

Jan 05, 2004 Dear Chivalry Sports People,

Thank you so much for shipping my head roll hat by overnight mail. Thanks to your kindness and thoughtfulness, it did arrive in time to wear at our madrigal feaste.

There were 120 people there, and many commented that I looked every inch the noble lady! I knew that it was thanks to you, and I gave everyone your name--singing your praises. I hope you get lots and lots of orders from them. You are wonderful people, and all good should come to you in 2004!

Andrea R .

Dec 15, 2003 Re: A Renaissance Holiday of Savings

I received my Ladies Chemise (short) on Dec. 13 in time for my departure for the Scottish Christmas Walk and Dinner in Volcano, CA.

I was very pleased with the heavy fabric--my gosh!--it will never wear out!

Thank you,
Linda C .
Stockton, CA

June 20, 2003 Greetings to all at the Chivalry Sports/Renaissance Store,

I received my muslin underdress yesterday - WOW!

It is beautiful! I am so very pleased with the quality. I am SO glad I found your website. Just had to let you know!

Grace C .

June 20, 2003 Kate,

Thanks for the info, you guys have been great. I'm new to ordering things off the internet and you have been a great help everytime I have had a question. And to show my appreciation I'll be placing another order very soon.

Thanks again,
Bret P.

May 27, 2003 Good Morning,

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoyed the wonderful service that Kate an James both provided me during my recent ordering experience. They were both incredibley helpful and patient with me, as I changed my order three times and asked lots of questions, which they both answered completely and in a timely manner. Kate was very quick to respond to my emails (a rarity in mail order) and James, it turns out, is from my neck of the woods and we have mutual friends, which we discussed while he was helping me.

So many times, mail/web orders can be very trying from a customer's perspaective...especially first time orders and orders for clothing. Mine was both, but the entire experience was extremely pleasant, efficient and very rewarding.

Thank you for maintaining such high standards for your makes it a true pleasure to do business, in addition to earning repeat business and great referrals.

Mark S,
Montgomery, AL

March 28, 2003 Greetings:

  My wife's Guenivere dress just arrived and it is exquisite. She is not as much of a renfan as I and yet she was thrilled at the quality and craftmanship of the garment. Thanks for all of your help!

Thomas H.

February 3, 2003 Dear Chivalry Sports,

 I just received the notification that my order would be arriving on Feb 7th. When I initially ordered it was thought that it would take 3 to 4 weeks before it would be available to ship! I just want to thank you for getting the merchandise to me so promptly!!! I will now accualy have time to get used to it with my new armor I just finished sewing long before Gulf Wars. I can hardly wait to see how smart it will look on me! Thank you again. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Laury T.

January 25, 2003 Hello,

 I just had to write to say thank you so much!!! I received my order today. I need to tell you how much I searched the internet for costumes for my daughter and I. The quality is outstanding. The prices were great, as I am on a budget because I shop for my daughter and I. It can really add up in dollars. With your sale and your customer service I was finally after weeks able to find what I needed. I will be ordering more, sale or not. The costumes are outstanding and beautiful. They truly meet high standards for re-enactors such as us. I am sure we will be well noticed by our fellow re-enactors.

Thanks again,
Carrie & Tina L.

April 29, 2002 Hello,

 I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful service I received from your customer service agent. I feel bad because I can't remember her name but she was so nice when she called about shipping I just had to send a thank you. I had ordered next day shipping and she called me up and told me if I just shipped it regular I would save a ton of money and it wouldn't take that much longer to get to me. She was right. I got my package yesterday and I did save a ton of money. I was so impressed with the service I told my family and friends about it and some of them have gone to the site and placed orders.

Thank you so much again,

January 30, 2002 Chivalry Sports

 I just wanted to write to you and say how much I like your products. I haven't bought many, but what I have is great! I've never had a problem with quality and the price is always better than others. I hope to buy more from you guys in the near future.

Thanks so very much!!, WG
Pittsburgh, PA.

January 30, 2002 Hello!

 I received my order yesterday and everything is wonderful. Thank you for providing such great products to Renaissance festival goers.

Sincerely, NP
Glendale, AZ.

August 5, 2001 ...(I fully expect the quality to be excellent, since the length of time you have been in business speaks for itself).

Best Always, ES
Columbia, MA.

August 4, 2000 I just have to tell you guys how impressed I've been with everything I've ordered from your store. Both my shipments have come in a very timely manner and have been exactly how they were described online. The charges have been extremely reasonable and I will be telling all my friends about your store.

Sincerely, VE
Loranger, LA.

July 13, 2000 I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed doing business with you. Everyone has been great! The service is superb and prompt, I look forward to doing business with you again. Thank You

Cordially, AC
Seattle, WA.

May 15, 2000 I just wanted to take the time to let you know of the excellent customer service I have received over the course of the last 8 days...I Will definitely be back to your site again!

Best Regards, JT
San Jacico, CA.

March 14, 2000 Thanks a lot and thank you for your speedy reply. I am a customer service manager myself and I can see this will be a good company to work with.

Huzzah, SW
Clearwater, FL.