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Fall 2018 Collection - Just in time for Halloween!


We invite you to check out all the new items we have been working diligently on for the past year. Some of these items are products we haven't had for many years (which we lovingly revised and updated) and several of these are all new products. We hope you will be just as thrilled at all of the new additions to the website as we are!

Renaissance Doublet

Renaissance Doublet:  A snug-fitting jacket with a deep V-waistline and decorative piccadills. The front closes with buttons and there are ties at the shoulders to attach or remove the sleeves if you wish. The Doublet is adjustable with ties at the sides for a fitted look and is available in sizes: M-L, X-2X, 3X-4X. Made from wrinkle-resistant twill.

Lord's Shirt with Trim

Lord's Shirt with Trim: The Lord's Shirt with fancy gold leaf pattern trim which adorns the cuffs and collar. Just like our other Lord's Shirt in style but much fancier and is available in Black or White. The trim on the Black shirt has a black background to match the shirt, the trim on the white shirt has a white background to match the shirt. Made our of 100% cotton and is available in sizes: VS-3X. 

Renaissance Shirt with Trim

Renaissance Shirt with Trim: The Renaissance Shirt with fancy gold leaf pattern trim adorns the cuffs, collar and neck opening. Just like our other Renaissance Shirt in style but much fancier and is available in Black or White. The trim on the Black shirt has a black background to match the shirt, the trim on the white shirt has a white background to match the shirt. Made our of 100% cotton and is available in sizes: VS-3X.

The Verona

The Verona: Italian Renaissance gowns like the Verona emerged during the time of DaVinci and spread throughout the courts of Europe. Our Verona Ensemble includes the Over Gown with removable sleeves, Under Dress, and Veil. 

The Verona Over Gown is made of lush velvet with gold brocade trim, it's flattering neckline and open front show off the matching gold brocade of the Under dress. It has removable velvet slashed sleeves with matching brocade trim.  

The Verona Under Dress is made from a Gold Brocade and our Cotton Twill in either white or black. The Under Dress laces up the back and the straps are adjustable. The Verona Under Dress can also be worn by itself with any of our chemises or blouses as a modern formal dress or for a less formal Renaissance occasion. 

Verona Veil

Complete your Italian Renaissance Ensemble with our Verona Veil. 


The Demi-Cape: The perfect cape for your noble costume, also makes a great fighting cape for your off hand. This waist length cape adds a final touch to your Medieval or Renaissance outfit. It has a wide flat collar that can be turned up in inclement weather and matching front facings for wearing the cape open. Our Demi-Cape is made in the U.S.A from two layers of cotton twill fabric, the inside layer is black but can be any of our twill colors on request. The Cape includes two options for closing. A frog closure at the neck and ties halfway down the front for wearing the cape to the side to keep your sword arm free.

Merchant's Tunic

The Merchant's Tunic: A middle class version of our Country Tunic but with metallic trim to set it apart from the lower classes. This handsome, comfortable, easy-care tunic for men or women is great for all occasions. It looks great belted over a Lady's Skirt or Long Breeches.

Nobleman's Vest

The Nobleman's Vest: A Nobleman's vest for all shapes and sizes. This twill vest with matching jacquard trim flatters every male figure from Jack Spratt to Falstaff. The epaulets give the broad-shouldered look of a knight and the front closes merely by wearing a belt. It comes in many great colors to go with almost everything. Pictured here with the Lord's shirt with gold trim.

Ghawazee Vest

The Ghawazee Vest: The Ghawazee (pronounced gwah-zee) Vest has long panels and a very low neckline. Shown here over the Short Drawstring Chemise in twill and the Peasant Drawstring Pants, it buttons in the front at the midriff but hangs loose over the hips. The four panels of the skirt float when you twirl and reveal the fully lined inside of the vest. Available in sizes Vs-3X.

Peasant Tunic

The Peasant Tunic:  A great Tunic for those looking for their first garb or SCAdians who want a tunic that will last through years of hard wear. A plain short sleeve Peasant Tunic with a yoked keyhole neck opening. Made in the U.S.A from cotton twill fabric.

Viking Apron Dress with Trim

The Women's Viking Ensemble with Trim: This Apron Dress or "smokkr" is embellished with copper and silver metallic trim around the bust line and laces up on both sides for that form fitted look. The shoulder straps are left unattached at the front so that they can be easily pinned with apron brooches at the desired height. The Under Dress is embellished with the same copper and silver metallic trim along the bottom hem and on the sleeves, and laces up the back for a form fitting look.  

Viking Jewelry

Viking Jewelry: Check out our new Viking Jewelry page! Whether you are looking for brooches, brooch chains, torque bracelets, or hair beads, you're sure to find something that will look great with your viking garb!

Viking Tunic

The Viking Tunic: A Viking style Tunic. This migration era tunic has a tight-fitting neck with a split down the front for pulling it over the head, a much more refined version of the classic T-tunic found on many sites. Our Viking tunic is tailored for a comfortable fit under the arms and a flaring side seam for freedom of moment in the waist and legs.

Viking Tunic with Trim

The Viking Tunic with Trim: A Viking style Tunic with copper and silver Trim at the neck and around the bottom hem. This migration era tunic has a tight-fitting neck with a keyhole neckline in front for pulling it over the head, a much more refined version of the classic T-tunic found on many sites. Our Viking tunic is tailored for a comfortable fit under the arms and a flaring side seam for freedom of moment in the waist and legs.

Rus Pants

Rus Pants: Rus style Pants with a drawstring waist and ties under the knee. One size fits S to 4X the larger the size the less baggy the pants will be in fit. Loose fitting migration era pants, pleated to the knees with cords to secure the pants below the knee and straight through the calf to the ankle for wrapping with our Wool leg wraps.

Leg Wraps

Leg Wraps: Wool leg wraps for holding up the legs on our Rus Pants. Made from 100% wool in the U.S.A. Sold as a pair with your choice of Silver or Bronze hooks.

Viking Cap

Viking Cap: A Viking Cap in the 6 panel pattern, comes with trim to accent any medieval outfit, or without trim so you can add your own matching trim or even fur. Sizes are measured around the crown just over the ear. Small/Medium - 22in Large/X-Large - 23in. If you need a cap larger than 23in please call for a custom order.

Jorvik Viking Boot

Jorvik Viking Boots: These Norse style boots are modeled after archaeological finds in York. They have two adjustable leather toggles for fastening and a traditional leather sole. These hardy well made boots are perfect for a day at the Ren faire or a period reenactment camp. Because of the pointed toe they can run about a half size small but if you prefer a tighter fit the leather will stretch in time for a comfortable fit.

Alchemy England 1977, Now at Renstore.com!

We are proud to partner with Alchemy England 1977 to expand our line of Renaissance and Medieval accessories! Whether you are looking for ear wraps and necklaces or rings and wrist straps, we have you covered with a variety to choose from. Don't forget to check out the line of Viking inspired torques, pendants, and [...]

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HAZAH! Rewards Program!

We have just rolled out our new HAZAH! Rewards program! Earn reward tokens when you sign up and with every qualifying online purchase. Each dollar spent equals one HAZAH! Token. Tokens can also be earned through social media shares and likes. Each year we get to celebrate your birthday, we will gift you with an [...]

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Renaissance Fairs, Festivals, and Events list has been updated!

We have updated the Renaissance Fairs, Festivals, and Events list through the end of April 2018. This list will continue to be updated as necessary.We would also love to hear from you and see pictures of everyone in their Renstore garb! You can share these with us on Facebook at Renstorecom, Instagram @the_renstore, and Twitter @the_renstore. Your input and [...]

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Get to know the NEW Renstore.com

I want you to get to know us... again...But first you need to know where we come from.Renstore.com has been active in the Renaissance industry for more than 25 years. The company was started by Jake and Gael Stirler as Chivalry Sports Videos in October of 1991. They started with just one video about [...]

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Archaeologists find bone fragments in hunt for 'real' Mona Lisa

By Fanny CarrierFlorence (Italy) (AFP) - Italian archaeologists trying to solve the mystery behind one of the world's most famous paintings said Wednesday they had found bits of bone that could have belonged to the 'real' Mona Lisa.The team is certain that Florentine Lisa Gherardini was the mysterious woman who sat for Leonardo da Vinci's [...]

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The earliest use of the F-word discovered

An English historian has come across the word ‘f__k’ in a court case dating to the year 1310, making it the earliest known reference to the swear word.Dr Paul Booth of Keele University spotted the name in ‘Roger F__kebythenavele’ in the Chester county court plea rolls beginning on December 8, 1310. Read the whole un-redacted story.

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75,000 gather to watch medieval battle reenactment in Russia (PHOTOS)

Hundreds of enthusiasts in medieval armor could be seen interlocking their swords in the popular historical reenactment of the crucial 1380 battle between Russians and Mongols. The show attracted thousands of Instagramming viewers to a village some 300 kilometers south of Moscow. Read the full story

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​Cannabis discovered in tobacco pipes found in William Shakespeare's garden

Forensic testing of 400-year-old pipes suggest playwright might have smoked more than just tobacco Reprinted from The Telegraph Aug 9, 2015 South African scientists have discovered that 400-year-old tobacco pipes excavated from the garden of William Shakespeare contained cannabis, suggesting the playwright might have written some of his famous works while high. Residue from early 17th century clay pipes [...]

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Pinterest Board for The Best Illuminated Manuscripts from the British Library

Follow Gael's Board British Library Medieval Manuscripts on Pinterest. Have you ever wished that you could examine a whole illuminated manuscript with a magnifying glass? Now you can with the British Library's Digital Collection. They have digitized hundreds of manuscripts and are adding more daily. Each one is rendered in its entirety at 6X (or higher) [...]

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