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July 2013

Traditional Cookies of the Renaissance
The history of four cookies: Savoiarda, Biscotti, Sugar Cakes, and Jambals

June 2013

Are Crowns Making a Come Back in High Fashion?

May 2013

A Princess with a Mind of Her Own

April 2013

Horses in the Middle Ages

March 2013

Vikings on the History Channel

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December 2012

Jehanne la Pucelle: 7 misconceptions about Joan of Arc

October 2012

The Life of a Pirate: Six misconceptions and facts about the bandits of the sea

August 2012

The Mysterious Voynich Manuscript: The code still defies cracking after 500 years.

July 2012

Recipes from 1390 Cookbook, A Form of Cury. Gourds in Pottage, Roo Bruette, Haricots with Walnuts

CALCIO STORICO: Medieval Soccer in Florence Italy

May 2012

Video Lesson on Painting a figure from the Manesse Codex

Mar 2012

Battle of the Borgias

Feb 2012

Dye used in the Elizabethan Era

Jan 2012

Mass Hysteria in Germany 500 years ago

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Sept 2011

Tragic Fire at Scarborough Faire takes a life

Hurricane Irene Impacts NE Renaissance Faires

Aug 2011

Android tools for Bards

June 2011

UsKok Pirates of the 16th Century

May 2011

Estrella War moves to new location and later March/April date

April 2011

Medieval Cooking Light

March 2011

Spring Movies and Television series premiers -Camelot, Black Death, Your Highness, Game of Thrones, Thor, Pirates of the Carribean:On Stranger Tides.

Spring Movies and Television series premiers Part 2-The Borgias.

February 2011

CombatCon in Las Vegas

January 2011

MuseScore: Software for Bards

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December 2010

Ensemble Obsidienne: Animated Video Christmas Cards

November 2010

Harry Ransom Center's Medieval and Early Modern Manuscripts Collection Now Accessible Online

Sir Andrew Barton: A retelling of a Pirate Adventure

October 2010

Phantom Black Dogs haunting the British Isles

September 2010

Kansas City Renaissance Festival encourages massive audience participation.

Oktoberfest Zinzinati hosts North America's largest beer fest!

August 2010

Joan of Arc and cross-dressing ladies in the 14th and 15th centuries

SCA and Faire Campsite Fire Safety

July 2010

The Boy and The Friar: A 15th century fabliau.

May 2010

How did dining in the Middle Ages differ from now?

April 2010

History of Beignets, a Medieval doughnut

Movies: Ridley Scott's Robin Hood

Cable TV: The Pillars of the Earth

Music Video: David Bisbal

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May 2009

Keeping it Clean: History of Laundry

Vegetables Fit for a King!

April 2009

Piquet: 14th c. Card Game

The Real Face of Christopher Columbus. Was he really Scottish?

March 2009

History of Linen and Linen Care Instructions

February 2009

History of Sleep, Napping, and Beds

January 2009

Orange Festival in Ivrea, Italy: Locals stage orange-throwing battles in streets.

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December 2008


Santa and the Christmas Witch: The Origin of La Befana and other gift-bringers

Planning a Balanced Feast: Part 2

November 2008

Planning a Balanced Feast: Part 1

Paracelsus: Physician, Adventurer, Philosopher

September 2008

Janet Arnolds's Patterns of Fashion 4!

Halloween Treat: Quince Paste Marmalade

September 2008

SCA War: What's not to Love!

Rush Week Medieval Style!

August 2008

Beguines: Mystic Christian Sisterhood without vows

July 2008

Movie Review:Mongol

Camp Cooking Recipes

June 2008

Golden Age of the Book of Hours

The Medieval Origin of Golf

May 2008

Pretty Undies: The Necessity For All Women

The Custom of Handfasting

April 2008

Pirates Invading Baltimore for Pub Crawl

Renaissance Costumes

March 2008

Tudors Season 2

February 2008

January 2008

Hogmanay: Scottish New Year Celebration

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December 2007

East Drink and be Merry...: Chaucer's Feasts

Simonetta Vespucci: Botticelli's Supermodel

November 2007

Beading Brocade Garments

October 2007

Viking Embroidery: Part 1-Appliques

Viking Embroidery: Part 2-Stitches

September 2007

Fasching: German Mardi Gras

My Big Fat Halloween Wedding

August 2007

The Murky Origins of Halloween

Elizabeth Returns

Lord of the Rings: The Musical

The Tudors: Season Two

July 2007

Preparing for Fair

June 2007

Romance and Pirates

May 2007

The Tudor Tailor Interview

March 2007

Tally Sticks

An Irish Joke for Easter

February 2007

Marriage and Divorce Laws in Early Medieval Ireland

Recipes for Irish Whiskey Cake and Whiskey Glazed Carrots

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December 2006

Gingerbread: The King of Christmas Cookies

November 2006

Will George lose his place as England's patron saint?

Eragon: the book, the movie and the game

October 2006

Sword Making and Sword Care

Entertainment Issue: Spamalot, Camelot, The Tudors, & Blackmore's Night new DVD set

September 2006

Medieaval Babes

August 2006

Hack & Slash: a Couple of Wild and Busy Guys

Pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago de Campostela

July 2006

How to paint a Faux Castle Wall

June 2006

Valorous Warrior: Caterina Sforza

Azurina: The Pale Blue Ghost

May 2006

Part 1: Lady Jane Grey

Part 2: Lady Catherine Grey

April 2006

Medieval Calendar Mysteries

March 2006

Chain+mail: A History of chain

February 2006

Courtly Love

Sugar Paste Recipes

January 2006

12th Night Customs

12th Night Recipes

Dutch Horn Blowers

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December 2005

Wassailing Away

Les Très Riches Heures

November 2005

Customizing your Clothing with Trim

Tale of Gleann Abhann

October 2005

Update on Hurricane Relief

Review: Pagan Book of Halloween

Oktoberfest: Castles in Germany

Customize your Computer with Renaissance Screen Saver & Background Art

September 2005

Farkle: A medieval dice game

Katrina: the Renaissance Community Responds

The Renaissance Bubble Wright

August 2005

How to Make a Celtic Coat from a Printed Celtic Tapestry

The Mermaid's Curse