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All NEW leather Items!

All NEW leather Items!

Jun 10th 2019

Crimson Chain Leatherworks

We are always on the lookout for new vendors and suppliers of wonderful items to add to! We are pleased to add Crimson Chain Leatherworks to our list of vendors this year. You may have seen them at your local Renaissance fair or cosplay event specializing in leather garb and costume accessories for Ren-Faires, LARP, cosplay, fantasy and historical re-enactment.  Durable and made in the USA, Crimson Chain Leatherworks products are made to last through years of events.  

Are you looking for a sturdy mug frog, or a new sword frog? A new pouch or leather covered journal? Check out the new items we added to help you complete your ensemble! You're sure to stand out in leather studded bracers!