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Progess on the Faire List and Articles

Posted by Laura of Locksley on Jan 30th 2014

Renaissance Faires:

Now you can open the Renaissance Faire List and the Articles again. They were unavailable for a while but now they can be reached. Look at the menu bar above for links to them. The

Renaissance Faire list still shows last year's dates but the links are still good. Click on the links to go to the official page to see the latest information. We will be updating the fairs in a few weeks. 


The articles that we have posted over the last 8 years are going to be arranged by subject matter on this new website instead of by date. That should make them much easier to browse. Over the next week or two the old articles will get freshened up with new formatting. If you have any trouble with broken links, please inform us so that we can fix them. 

Thank you.