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Brocade Horseman's Tunic, Metallic

Chivalry Sports

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CHI3127 M
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This cloth of gold-style  brocade is made with a large amount of gold metallic thread so it shines like crazy in the sunlight and nothing can compare to its beauty in candlelight. Because of the gold threads we have to fully line these items to make them comfortable and durable.

A man's brocade tunic for pre-16th c. style.
This brocade tunic flatters every male figure from Jack Spratt to Falstaff. The v-shaped yolk give the broad-shouldered look of a fighting man. The front and back of the tunic are split to make mounting a horse easier. This can be worn with or without a shirt underneath. Pictured here with the Renaissance Shirt.

Gentle cycle or hand wash and drip dry. No ironing needed.

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