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Late Tudor Patterns for Women (Elizabethan)

Medieval Miscellanea

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PP #56

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Period Pattern No. 56
Up to 6 Late Tudor and Elizabethan gown patterns.

  1. Gown with low square neck, full padded sleeves, padded full sleeves, split skirt and underskirt, worn with a partelet with collar.
  2. Gown with high collared neck, pleated puffed short sleeves, pointed waist and split skirt, worn with long tight undersleeves and atching underskirt.
  3. Gown with low square neck, shoulder rolls over long tight sleeves, pointed waist, waist tabs, and box-pleatedskirt.
  4. Gown with low square neck, hanging split tube sleeves, tapering padded undersleeves, stomacher, pointed waist, cartidge-pleated skirt & underskirt
  5. Gown with low square neck, long tight sleeves pointed waist, waist peplums, and cartridge-pleated skirt gathered into a ruffle at the edge of the farthingale.
  6. Gown with low rounded neckline, long tight sleeves, and cartridge-pleated skirt tucked up into a flounce ending at the edge of the farthingale.

Each pattern in the line includes cutting lines and instructions for sizes 6-20. The instructions are prefaced by many pages of historical notes and dozens of annotated photographs of the original costumes from period sources. The designer also shares ideas on enhancing finished gowns with beading, trims, and fur. Medieval Miscellanea patterns are not for beginners and require a fair amount of sewing knowledge, but they are worth the effort.