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Medieval Military Garment Patterns vol. 1

Medieval Miscellanea

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PP #101

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Period Pattern No. 101
Up to 11 Medieval Military Garment patterns.

  1. Quilted gambeson with short full sleeves and pockets for plates inside the skirt with optional long tight undersleeves.
  2. Quilted gambeson with long sleeves and pockets for plates inside the skirt; renal belt with plates.
  3. Quilted short gambeson with crotch flap & long sleeves.
  4. Fighting hose with optional padding inside.
  5. Field hose, more fitted than fighting hose.
  6. Revel hose, tight fitting with feet & codpiece.
  7. Below-the-knee-length gamboised cuisses.
  8. Surcoat with front slit; sword belt.
  9. Cyclas surcoat.
  10. Surcoat with front slit.
  11. Surcaot with wide short sleeves, with wide front slit.

Each pattern in the line includes cutting lines and instructions for sizes 6-20. The instructions are prefaced by many pages of historical notes and dozens of annotated photographs of the original costumes from period sources. The designer also shares ideas on enhancing finished gowns with beading, trims, and fur. Medieval Miscellanea patterns are not for beginners and require a fair amount of sewing knowledge, but they are worth the effort.