Noble Lady's Ensemble

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THE NOBLE LADY'S SURCOTE: A sleeveless outer gown to wear over a chemise or blouse and skirt. The quintessence of medieval dress, the surcoat, was worn over a chemise or a plain gown and was often belted at the waist. This version is made of cotton twill for long wear and easy care. The full skirt is longer in the back than in the front to create a graceful train in the back. The wide armhole openings are trimmed with metallic woven trim. 

THE SIMPLE CHEMISE: Plain long sleeve, a-line chemise made of Indian gauze. A very comfortable chemise made of 100% cotton fabric that is so light and airy it will quickly become your favorite summer chemise. The sleeves are long and narrow making it possible to wear them "scrunched" around the wrists. The neckline is low and nearly off-the-shoulders. The Simple Chemise is recommended for wearing under the Noble Lady's Gown and either of the Surcoats. Layer two Simple chemises if you want to wear as an outer garment. A relaxed fit but the fabric will shrink a few inches