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Aowyn Lady's Ensemble

Chivalry Sports

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Aowyn Surcoat: A simple sleeveless surcoat with two rows of lace at the bottom and regular-size armholes. The scoop neckline looks good with any chemise. Additional cording to be worn as a belt is included.

Aowyn Chemise: An a-line chemise (full-length slip) with long hanging sleeves made of crinkle gauze. Romantic and fun chemise made of sheer 100% cotton fabric with long hanging sleeves that float in the breeze. The neckline is slightly gathered and low but demure. Order by bust measurement. White and natural fabric take dye easily. Relaxed fit garment, but the fabric shrinks.

OPTIONAL: Medieval Veil Set (ADD $17.95) During the Middle ages women of all classes wore wimples and veils to protect their hair and to keep warm. You can hide modern hairstyles and never worry about a "bad hair day" again with a Medieval Veil Set.
The Medieval Veil Set is made of three separate pieces; the Kerchief, the Wimple, and the Veil. Each can be worn separately, or they can be worn together as pictured. The kerchief ties around your head and acts as the base layer of your veil set. The additional pieces can then be securely pinned to the kerchief. The wimple can be worn under the chin to cover the neck, or it can be left out entirely for a different look. The veil is the finishing touch and can really add some polish to your fantasy or reenactment outfit. Instructions are included on how to put on the Medieval veil.