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Merchant's Ensemble

Chivalry Sports

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This Merchant's Tunic is a middle class version of our Country tunic with metallic trim to set it apart from the lower classes. Handsome, comfortable, easy-care tunic for men or women and great for all occasions. It looks great belted over a Lady's Skirt or Long Breaches.

These Long Breeches are baggy-style pants with ankle cuffs and a drawstring waist. Heavy enough to be used for fighting pants. Button-fly front with riveted buttons. Drawstring waist, as well, so you don't need a belt to hold up your pants. Drawstring cuffs. These pants have pockets in the side seams, too. Made of wrinkle-resistant twill. 


Velvet Venetian Hat. A simple cap with fold down flaps to cover the ears and back of head, usually worn folded up. In the same way that ball caps are common in this day and age, this style of cap was the head wear of choice for men during the height of Venetian power in the late Middle Ages. Fully lined and available in Deep Forest Green, Deep Sapphire Blue, Black and Burgundy velvet. Also,available in Forest Green and Burgundy corduroy (See item CHI7024).