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Steward Ensemble

Chivalry Sports

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The Steward Ensemble includes:

The Commoner's Vest - A man's vest for all shapes and sizes. This twill vest flatters every male figure from Jack Spratt to Falstaff. The epaulets give the broad-shouldered look of a fighting man and the front closes merely by wearing a belt. It comes in many great colors to go with almost everything.

The Lord's ShirtOur most popular shirt. This shirt laces at the neck and is yoked to give a smooth fit that won't ride back over the shoulders. The sleeves sport 2-1/2 inch lace-up cuffs. Great for under a jerkin or tunic for dressy occasions.

Long Breeches in Twill - These Long Breeches are baggy-style pants with ankle cuffs and a drawstring waist. Heavy enough to be used for fighting pants. Button-fly front with riveted buttons. Drawstring waist, as well, so you don't need a belt to hold up your pants. Drawstring cuffs. These pants have pockets in the side seams, too. Made of wrinkle-resistant twill. 


Biggen-Cotton Cap - A soft cotton cap (also known as a Coif or an Arming Cap) to keep hair neat and your head warm. In period, these were worn by all, from children to powerful men. Fighters wore the Biggen inside their helmets and under chain mail. On really hot days, workmen would rinse out their biggens and wear them wet to help them cool off. 

Jorvik Viking Boots - These Norse style boots are modeled after archaeological finds in York. They have two adjustable leather toggles for fastening and a traditional leather sole. These hardy well made boots are perfect for a day at the Ren faire or a period reenactment camp. Because of the pointed toe they can run about a half size small but if you prefer a tighter fit the leather will stretch in time for a comfortable fit.