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Verona Ensemble

Chivalry Sports

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Italian Renaissance gowns like the Verona emerged during the time of DaVinci and spread throughout the courts of Europe.

The Verona Over Gown is made of lush velvet with gold brocade trim, it's flattering neckline and open front show off the matching gold brocade of the Under dress. It has removable velvet slashed sleeves with matching brocade trim.

The Verona Under Dress is made from a Gold Brocade and our Cotton Twill in either white or black. This dress laces up the back and the straps are adjustable. The Verona Under Dress can also be worn by itself with any of our chemises or blouses as a modern formal dress or for a less formal Renaissance occasion.

OPTIONAL: Verona Veil (ADD $23.95) This Verona Veil is modeled after the French Hood, a type of women's head wear popular in Western Europe in the sixteenth century. Our Verona Veil is based on pictures of Anne Bolyn. Made of a black cotton, the veil is sewn to a velvet crescent with a white cotton frill in the front. A thin white cord passes under the ear and ties behind the head to hold the veil in place. You can easily sew or glue additional decorations to the crescent for a fancier look.